Nova Alternative Education

Located at the RSU 13 South School Campus
100 Holmes Street
Rockland, Maine 04841
Phone: 207-593-3524
Fax: 207-596-2025
Tina Lanphere - Director/Teacher
Martha Toothaker - Ed Tech

There are plenty of obstacles in your path.
Don't allow yourself to become one of them
-Ralph Marston

Nova Alternative Education offers:

-Personalized Learning Plans that focus on credits, career aspirations and postsecondary preparation

-A family atmosphere so that students can discuss problems, build resources and resolve issues.

-Experiential learning combined with opportunities to catch up and accelerate learning

-Challenging tasks with real world applications

-A flexible schedule to support independent learning

-Guidance with life choices after high school: what they want to do, what they can do, and how they are going to do it.

Interested students should speak with their guidance counselor and fill out an application.