Required Paperwork for Participation in Fall Sports

All students wishing to participate in Fall Athletics at RDHS are required to fill out paperwork. Included amongst this are a Emergency Contact Form and Sports Done Right compact. Those documents are included as attachments on this post. In the futue, these documents will be included on the Athletics Home page for downloading. It is important for all students to fill out each form - completely - before they report to pre-season practices in August. Included on the emergency contact form is a space to identify the insurance carrier and policy number the student is covered under. This should be filled out as all students are required to be covered under an insurance policy during the entire sport season. Participants not covered under an insurance policy will be held out of practice until they become covered. Additionally, a student participating in athletics at RDHS must have received clearance from a physician every two years. A doctor's note - clearly indentifying the student by name and the date of the examination - will suffice. If you have any questions, please contact me at 542-9702 or by email at Enjoy the rest of your summer. Jim Leonard Director of Athletics & Activities Rockland District High School Rockland District Middle School
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