Alternative School


Opportunities Alternative

    Education Program

28 Lincoln Street

Rockland, ME   04841


fax: 207-596-2004


Michael McGuire – Director/Teacher


Peter Conover – Teacher

Chris Mogan - Teacher

Martha Toothaker – Ed Tech



Alternative Education IS:

• A privilege.

• A learning program that is designed for students who find the traditional classroom a difficult place to learn.

• A place where students feel a sense of belonging to a big family.

• A more individualized form of learning in both course content and the pace at which material is presented.

• An opportunity for students to earn credits throughout the year.

• An opportunity to be challenged intellectually.

• A place to work toward post secondary plans.

• A place to work in a more relaxed environment, close to and supported by Oceanside High School.

• A chance to learn how to work with people, and the group process.

• A way to challenge oneself.

• A part of RSU 13 … you are still a student of Oceanside High School.


Alternative Education is NOT:

• An easy way to avoid school.

• A place where non-attendance, inappropriate language and/or poor behavior are tolerated.

• Designed to be solely remedial or take the place of special services.

• Designed to provide upper level courses (such as Calculus, foreign languages, Chemistry).

• Designed for someone to simply “put in time” and be given a high school diploma.


An “Ideal” candidate is one who:

• Is independently minded.

• Is perhaps seen as unmotivated, or not thriving, academically but with potential.

• May have life circumstances that interfere with concentrating on high school.

• May have “hit bottom” and is looking for a second chance.

• May be a discipline problem for being too outspoken.

• May not “fit in” with peers; either withdrawn or eccentric.

Interested students should speak with their Guidance Counselor and fill out an application.






Program Activities

Thinking of applying?

Students in grades 9 through 12 who are considering the Opportunities program should ask their guidance counselor for an application. The completed application needs to be returned to the Guidance Office. It will be forwarded to the Director of the Opportunities program, along with recommendations from both the guidance counselor and building principal.  An interview with the student and parents or guardians will be scheduled.