Alternative School

Students conduct an experiment in Physical Science


Opportunities Alternative

    Education Program

28 Lincoln Street

Rockland, ME   04841


fax: 207-596-2004


Michael McGuire – Director/Teacher


Peter Conover – Teacher

Chris Mogan - Teacher

Martha Toothaker – Ed Tech



Alternative Education IS:

• A privilege.

• A learning program that is designed for students who find the traditional classroom a difficult place to learn.

• A place where students feel a sense of belonging to a big family.

• A more individualized form of learning in both course content and the pace at which material is presented.

• An opportunity for students to earn credits throughout the year.

• An opportunity to be challenged intellectually.

• A place to work toward post secondary plans.

• A place to work in a more relaxed environment, close to and supported by Oceanside High School.

• A chance to learn how to work with people, and the group process.

• A way to challenge oneself.

• A part of RSU 13 … you are still a student of Oceanside High School.


Alternative Education is NOT:

• An easy way to avoid school.

• A place where non-attendance, inappropriate language and/or poor behavior are tolerated.

• Designed to be solely remedial or take the place of special services.

• Designed to provide upper level courses (such as Calculus, foreign languages, Chemistry).

• Designed for someone to simply “put in time” and be given a high school diploma.


An “Ideal” candidate is one who:

• Is independently minded.

• Is perhaps seen as unmotivated, or not thriving, academically but with potential.

• May have life circumstances that interfere with concentrating on high school.

• May have “hit bottom” and is looking for a second chance.

• May be a discipline problem for being too outspoken.

• May not “fit in” with peers; either withdrawn or eccentric.

Interested students should speak with their Guidance Counselor and fill out an application.