Nova Alternative Education

Nova Students at Marshall Point

Located at the RSU 13 South School Campus
100 Holmes Street
Rockland, Maine 04841
Phone: 207-593-3524
Fax: 207-596-2025
Tina Lanphere - Director/Teacher

There are plenty of
obstacles in your path.

Don't allow yourself to
become one of them
-Ralph Marston

Nova Alternative Education offers:

-Personalized Learning Plans that focus on credits, career aspirations and postsecondary preparation

-A family atmosphere so that students can discuss problems, build resources and resolve issues.

-Experiential learning combined with opportunities to catch up and accelerate learning

-Challenging tasks with real world applications

-A flexible schedule to support independent learning

-Guidance with life choices after high school: what they want to do, what they can do, and how they are going to do it.

Interested students should speak with their guidance counselor and fill out an application.

Some quotes from our students

“The NOVA program is honestly really fun. They make school not feel like school but its still school. Since I started here my math has gotten better and so has my English. The teachers here make sure I get what I need and its kinda like having a little family. I come to school with the same like 10 people everyday and there’s only two teachers so its more personal then going to 5 different classes with different people and teachers. For the first time in a long time I’m happy to be back at school.” - CH

“Nova acknowledges mental health, different types of learning and individual capabilities. Nova also connects with local businesses like the Apprentice Shop to get real-life exposure.” –CC

“We aren’t always sitting in a class. We go to the Apprentice Shop and Herring Gut. I might not always wanna go, but it’s chill and not boring. I like it better here than the high school and there’s not a lot of drama.” -CF

“At first when I started here I thought this wasn’t going to work. But these past few weeks I feel like its been good and I’m still adjusting.” -RH

“I like Nova because there’s not a lot of people like at the high school. We go out and do things and can learn at our own pace. We also get our phones taken away so we can focus. - MC

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